About the Project

The Vegan America Project is an investigation of how we might envision the United States of America around the year 2050, should it be no longer possible or desirable to use animals for food, clothing, labor, entertainment, or experimentation.

Under the auspices of Brighter Green, a public policy “action” tank based in Brooklyn, New York, a team of researchers led by Martin Rowe, cofounder of Lantern Books, and Mia MacDonald, executive director of Brighter Green, will explore resource use and sustainable living in a time of rapid technological development, economic and social dislocation, and new attitudes towards nonhuman animals and the biosphere under the threat of runaway climate change.

Over an eighteen-month period, the team of researchers will:

1. Gather information on the current uses of animals in the U.S. and how and by what they might be replaced;
2. Examine what businesses, practices, and technologies currently do not exist and how they might operate in a new social, political, and natural post–animal use economy;
3. Present the findings to a range of stakeholders for their feedback.

The research and ideas will then be gathered and presented to individuals and organizations to be developed and deepened—so it might be possible to turn the Vegan America Project into reality.

You can read in extensive detail the origins of, and reasoning behind, the Vegan America Project, as well as updates of, and reflections on, our ongoing research on our blog: veganamericablog.com.